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Gilet vs Vest: What Exactly Is A Gilet?

I was browsing through different clothing brands' websites for my Yankees ensemble post when I saw a photo of what I would call 'sleeveless biker leather jacket' listed as biker gilet.

Source: Biker Gilet by MANGO

My instant reaction was, "Um...what's a 'gilet'?"
The image of my husband shaving his 5 o'clock shadow in front of the mirror using his Gillette razor came floating into mind but I immediately shook off the thought, because the picture above from Mango's website is telling me otherwise.

OK, so I've come to terms with the fact that gilet is a piece of clothingbut what is it exactly? I put on my research hat (translation: my imaginary Googling hat) and got to work...

Layering Crop Top

As a hijabi who still wants in on the crop top game, layering is going to be the only way to do it.

Healthy (AND Delicious!) Green Smoothie

Yes, a healthy green smoothie that tastes delicious does exist. You better believe it!

And this recipe needs only four (4) ingredients. I mean, you HAVE to try it out, just on that basis.
I've never tried almond milk before. Heck, I've never even seen it in supermarkets—or should I say nev…

Green Teal Blazer & Lips Print Shirt

The rumour is true: I am a complete sucker for lips print. Anything lips on clothes and in accessories, I'm in.
Have you been in a situation where you think "OK this shirt would look good with that jeans" or "What a cute skirt, that would go well with my blue denim jacket" b…

Would You Knowingly Buy A Fashion Knockoff?

I was watching an old episode of The Rachel Zoe project in which one of her employees was pulling things from shops for a photo shoot. When she entered a David Webb store to select some jewellery, lo and behold, this gorgeous black and white enamel zebra bangle appeared on the screen.

I happen to …

Polka Dots Blazer & Polka Dots Dress

Polka dots on polka dotsit sounds cutesy wootsy but who knew that it could actually work when they're in neutral tones? 

MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked

I used to be experimental with makeup, wanting to try as many products out there as possible. I'm no longer in that phase, though; I still love experimenting but it's moderated. Now I think about what products that I would really benefit from and concentrate on buying real staples.

MAC Spiked Eye Brows Crayon Pour Les Sourcils (sure is a mouthful!) is hands-down one of my current staples.

Let's talk the good and the bad of MAC Spiked eyebrow pencil:

A Chic, Stylish, DREAMY Yankees Ensemble

If you're going, "Wait, Yankees? Liyana is talking baseball??", I'm just going to answer with this: why not? I did just talk about my love for a football team the other day.

Baseball season is well under way so I decided to take on a little project in which I style one of the man…

Lips Print Scarf & Levi's Sneakers

I think 70 percent of my shoes are dainty flats. I mean, they go with EVERYTHING, after all. But then there are days when I'm feeling like, "Let's look a little less girlie and turn to boots or sneakers", and these Levi's printed sneakers are my go-to sneakers.

Maroon-Red Satin Empire Waist Dress

Striped Maxi Skirt

People usually associate vertical stripes in fashion with Beetlejuice, the guy that you love to hate but love anyway (note: If it's Robin Thicke at the VMA's you think of when you see them stripes,

But as I looked at myself in the mirror wearing this striped maxi skirt, I didn't think of the devilishly annoying ghost but I felt more of a connection with Obelixof Asterix and Obelix.

Orange Infused Hot Chocolate

I'm always on the lookout for recipes that require minimal effort but packs a punch in the taste department so I definitely got some warm fuzzies after discovering this orange infused hot chocolate's recipe.

It's decadent, really rich and very chocolatey. On a scale of 1 to 10, the cho…

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