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How To Make A Regular Outfit Fancier | Cat-Eye Sunglasses & The Same Bejeweled Sock Boots

Imagine the same exact outfit I have on here with my usual white Stan Smith sneakers, now wouldn't that have given off a very, very different vibe? 
Then again I suppose it makes sense that anything bejeweled would help in making any ol' outfit fancy, isn't it?

25 April 2018 = Denim Day, by Peace Over Violence

This post, aside from to share with you photos of my denim-clad self, is to direct your attention to Denim Day campaign.
I don't usually get too serious on my blog, so brace yourself for the info that's to come! I promise though, it'll be worth learning.

It was only one day ago, throug…

Houndstooth Suit & Bejeweled Pointy Toe Sock Boots

Finally bringing to you my last winter outfit of 2018, worn on my last day during my Seoul trip last month.

Continuing with my "collector" aspirations, this houndstooth suit definitely has a long-term place in my closet. If you didn't know it, I have a thing for matching sets; for som…

New In: Typo Novelty Star Wars & The Little Mermaid Socks

As a hijabi with a penchant for "hijabifying" clothing pieces that were so not made for hijabis in mind (like, say, off-the-shoulder tops) I find long white/black socks to be as reliable as white/black long-sleeved tops — a necessity, really — but wearing long white/black socks Every Sin…

Floral Embroidered Jeans & Baby Blue Bucket Bag (Also: Florals For Spring? Groundbreaking.)

Floral Embroidered Jeans Baby Blue Bucket Bag
So, I heard rumours that spring is finally here? Well, at least that's what I've heard through the grapevine.

Also, I should probably clarify that "here" does not include Malaysia, the country I live in, and "grapevine" really is just various platforms of social media. It'd be lovely if any of you who live in a four-season country (well, aside from New Zealand, Australia and the likes) could clarify whether the rumours are indeed fo realz.

Bomber Jacket, Patched Jeans & Coca-Cola Clutch | Fashion Hoarder VS Fashion Collector

In case you didn't know: I'm a self-proclaimed hoarder.
Or at least I'd like to think I used to be.

I talked about this a little more at length in my Fashion Hoarder: Am I One? Are YOU One? post back in May 2014. I linked two articles from two other sites in that post and as I re-read …

Mustard Yellow Duffle Coat & My Beetlejuice Pants

Since I've been worrying about posting too many wintery contents on my blog  and, uhhh, I'm still not done with them  I guess I could compensate with a splash of bright colour to make it feel a little spring-y...right?

Electric Blue Pleated Culottes For Dubai Transit

I've been on the hunt for another pleated skirt ever since I acquired this metallic silver one from Mango, should be acceptable for me to use that excuse to get pleated pants too, right?

This might sound odd but as a hijabi, I have a beef with pleated things I spot in high-street stor…

The Gloves With the Chanel-like Vibes

Yes, this post includes a pair of gloves. I feel like a majority of you is entitled to get an apology from me, as I know that you're probably a little sick of the warm outfits of the cold weather of non-spring where you're living now.
PS: Basing this assumption from the people I follow on Instagram who seem to wish to dive straight into summer if possible.

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