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From Formal Demure To Casual Furry

The demure white beaded caftan that I wore to a recent solemnization is a little see-through so adding an under-layer of some sort is a necessity to prevent anyone from having a peek at my undergarments — modesty is my priority, after all! On that day, instead of wearing a thin dark dress undernea…

A Classier Derivative Of My Uniform & Affinity For Mules

My fancy version of a "uniform" has been jeans + blazer + tee for for a long while now, but only because the combo is truly fool-proof and allows me to do less standing around in front of my closet deciding what to wear.

See: My very casual everyday "uniform"

Some of you might a…

My 2018 Best Nine on Instagram

Howww did I forget to share this earlier this year?
Ah well, better late than nevah, right guys?

My best nine roundup two years ago was out of 348 photos, I don't know how I managed to be on Instagram that much that year. All nine photos with the highest likes were all actually outfit shots fr…

Hot Pink 90s Birthday Look | Central Perk Cafe, Singapore

I had the best birthday trip to Singapore last month and tried to make each day of the trip count — I'm talking outfit-wise, that is, which was why I saved my favourite outfit for the most important day of all: my actual birthday.
Oh, and that favourite outfit? It included this hot, hot pink t…

Between Maroon & Red: Babydoll Top & Voluminous Striped Maxi Skirt

Truth be told, I was a bit frenzied when I was informed to wear a maroon ensemble for Shah's cousin's wedding in Penang. The thing about "maroon" is it's that shade of red that everyone cannot seem to agree on; even Googling "maroon" would show you multiple differen…

On Repeat: White Beaded Caftan

First of all I want to say how very admirable I find bloggers who do this blogging thing while having a full-time job, because I'm a homemaker and I find it hard to juggle blogging and, well, life. If I added a job on top of that, this blog may have gone defunct a long time ago. I'm so sor…

(Another) Printed Maxi Dress of My Dreams

After spending years complaining about not finding maxi dresses that I like, I think it's time I put a pause on it; not only did I recently acquire this dark amber geometric print maxi dress, I also have this delightful yellow-blue number at my disposal now.

The fact that I bought this floral …

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