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How To Easily Match Geometric Print to Stripes

Did you have a look at my burnt orange/dark amber geometric print dress? The one that my sister Rina has in black?
Well, what are sisters for if not for borrowing their clothes once in a while, right?

As mentioned in my last post, Rina and I don't have the same taste sartorially but we do agre…

White Blouse & Red Jersey Skirt (That I Thought Was Meant For Me) on Rina

I don't think my younger sister Rina and I look that much alike but, OK, I can also understand why strangers who are meeting us for the first time would think so. In fact, this month holds the record for the month in which the highest number of strangers asked if we were twins — a thing that s…

My Coral Reef Blazer

The first time I put this blazer on in the fitting room, I was racking my brain for a life form that closely resembles the ruffle blooms on both sides of the sleeves. And then it hit me: coral reefs.  The ruffles look like coral reefs, guys. But then, on second thought, they also seem more like th…

Fancy At Symphony: Checked Blazer & Suede Mules

A couple of weekends ago my younger sister and brother and I managed to catch the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra playing scores from the Harry Potter movies (!!!) at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. I've been to DFP plenty of times with my music teacher when I was younger (used to play the pi…

My Love For LOVE ('LOVE' Monogram Denim Kinomo Top, That Is.)

Did you read the post where I first wore this LOVE monogram denim kimono top? Weird thing is, I know right now my thoughts should be alongside the line of "My God what was I thinking, wanting another denim kimono top when I already had this adorable one", but, uh, well, I'll be hones…

A Daily 'What-To-Wear' Guide For Your Travels

Well, this was a delightful surprise: I was going through the Notes on my iPhone when I spotted this handy daily "what-to-wear" guide that I created for my Italy trip in September last year!

Trust me, this was the ONLY time I did this sort of thing; I'm more of a go-with-the-flow kin…

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