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Snow White at Dreamworks

Shah and I had the pleasure of visiting Motiongate Dubai theme park on our transit back from Milan, and on that note, why has nobody ever shared with me that there's a theme park worth visiting in Dubai?

Or, a better question: did YOU know there's a theme park in Dubai where The Hunger Gam…

Easy Eyeliner Trick: Outer Corner Flick

I'm a fan of the big thick liner flick just as much as the next person but drawing it on both eyes symmetrically is undeniably a tedious, time-consuming feat. When I need to dash out the door but still want a hint of eyeliner, I turn to this easy trick: concentrate on drawing the flick only at…

I Speak French Fries | Polka Dot Suit & Polka Dot Booties

Honestly, if there's one universal language, french fries would be it, wouldn't it?

Right towards the end of my Italy trip, I got the opportunity to go to a part of France I didn't manage to visit when I lived in Paris: the French Riviera.

I KNOW. How fancy am I, guys? The French Rivie…

9 Things To Wear This Autumn (That You & I Probably Already Have In Our Closet)

Well, this would be purely theoretical for me since tropical Malaysia is not at all experiencing autumn but reliably hot and humid as ever, albeit with a bit more rain lately!

However, having lived overseas and travelled to a few four-season countries, autumn was always my favourite season, with s…

Floral Print Tied Sleeveless Dress | Packing vs Choosing Outfits For Travels

You would think that the fact that I travel relatively a lot would make an expert in packing, won't you?

And, well, you would be sort of right: while not an expert, I am pretty good at it. This is honestly not a brag, but after having travelled to places where one is bound to buy delicate frag…

'LOVE' Monogram Tied Denim Kimono Top & Matching Pants

Some of you might know my affinity for matching top and bottom sets but I have to say, this denim "LOVE" monogram denim set Takes. The. CAKE. It's like something I never knew I wanted, only because I never imagined anything like it.

Aside from matching sets, kimono-inspired tops are …

When Ruffles Take Over Your Sleeves

I've talked about how the placement of statement details on clothing is extra important to a hijabi, so when I saw this blazer with these crazy bloom of ruffles snaking down the sleeves (or more like up, U-turn and down if you look closely), it's basically three words: Meant. To. BE.


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